What Are You Doing This Coming Snowbird Season

It’s looking more and more like the border will remain closed this coming winter season!  What plans are you making?

We know this virus is real but there is so much conflicting information flowing right now that it’s hard to know what to do.  Even if they open our borders, should we go?  It’s a tough choice that’s for sure.  Many of us that reside in the States every winter are in the age bracket that this virus could affect us badly should we catch it!  Sure enough the U.S. seems to be going through a second wave right now.  Add the rioting, looting and complete disregard for their fellow people it seems to me that the U.S. will be a no go for us this year.

With that decision comes more problems though.  Canada is pretty snowy and cold in December, January and February and most average temps are zero or below!  Ughh!!!!

British Columbia is the only answer for those of us that do not have actual sticks and bricks to stay in.  Some area’s there are acceptable for winter weather but the issue I am finding is two fold.  1, BC* is filling up very fast with folks that have the same idea or are afraid of heading south.  2, For us, the drive will be killer.  Leaving Ontario in November we are sure to hit lots of bad weather and cold, that’s a guarantee!

So, we have a couple of options that we are working on. (We will let you know when we finalize it)

As a snowbird or full timer, What are you doing for this winter???  Would love to hear thoughts about this.  As always, take care folks and travel safe!


* If you are going to BC check the tire rules and make sure you have suitable rubber.  November to (I think) the end of April it’s law there to have certain types of winter driving tires.