Don’t worry, even though I am on the road full time I still carry all my equipment with me.  

Videotapes are susceptable to the wear and tear of heat, cold, humidity and even time itself. Old analog machines are quickly becoming unreliable and even viewing the tapes can sometimes damage them. Most analog machines like Vcr’s are no longer available except in yard sales and even then, they are old and may not even work right.

Changing to digital means they wont degrade over time. You can copy them for back-up’s and even use them to share precious memories through social media. Digital media enables you to quickly find the scenes you are looking for.

When a tape gets old and breaks, your memories are gone with it!

It is a low cost way of preserving your families memories for generations to come.  I can take one of your vhs tapes and digitize it, enhance it to as near original as possible then save it to mp4 format (viewable on most every tv, computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone).

You will get a copy (in digital mp4) that you can watch, edit or share.  Once you receive your digital file I would recommend making one or more copies for back up purposes.

Imagine showing your parents, your children or even grandchildren memories of your family you thought were lost or unplayable!

Memories are priceless, keep them safe.


My charge is simple, $20.00 USD for one VHS tape conversion.  When I am finished you will get your original tape back plus a copy of the tape in mp4 format (usually on a data dvd).   I take the original tape’s format and make it 1920X1080, full HD (depending on condition of the tape).

Family and memories are very important to me and that’s why I started doing this.  Our children grew up being video taped and we love spending an evening re-watching them all on our tv.

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Looking to make it a gift?  For $10 USD more you can also have a copy on DVD (playable on dvd players).  Playable DVD that can be viewed anywhere, region free.  Comes in DVD envelope or depending on availability it can come in a DVD case with printed front and rear cover ($).  Each dvd will have a main menu where viewers can select what they want to see.

Music you provide can be added to the clips but you must own it or have the rights to use it.


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