Spaceport America

Although there were no tours available from their visitor center and really no directions on how to get there we found it!  On our way through ‘Truth Or Consequences‘ we used our google map and an obscure road not mentioned in most printed maps.  We started down this road not knowing where it would lead.  It started by going up and down a mountain with very steep edges and NO guardrails!!  (You should have seen Colleen, scared S***tless !!)  Then it leveled out to just flat desert road for miles and miles.  About 30 minutes down the road we started noticing something, looked like two poles sticking straight up.  Soon, there it was, in the middle of absolute nowhere was a billion dollar facility, ‘Spaceport America

We stopped at the gates (I’m sure by this point we were under surveillance) got out and took a few pictures then left.  Even though the ride out was a very rough dirt road it was worth it !!