Heading Home!

As amazing as this winter in Arizona has been it is unfortunately time to pack up early and head back to Canada.  The last couple of weeks have been, well, unique!  With the overwhelming concerns of the virus going around it has forced us to cut the winter short.

At first it was family and friends urging our return among fears (justly so) but now our government is doing the same.  I can’t blame them as fear drives everything these days.  A side note, Colleen and I are fine.  We have been taking extra precautions and haven’t left our park for two weeks or so except to stock up. (no, not with tp!  That stuff is impossible to find anyhow)

We are finishing the pack-up today and will be hitting the road Friday the 20th in the early hours.  From what we have seen I think the drive will be fine, the roads are all but empty everywhere.  We will be posting on our way for our fellow travelers and I will take some video of the scenes we may see on the way.  I will have a two week isolation when we get back so I will have plenty of time to put that together!

We want to thank our park #RancoElMirage for a wonderful time.  This park has had so much to offer this winter and I can’t wait to get back in November again!  We have met many new people and re-connected with many that we have met on our past travels.  I have gotten into desert 4X4 driving and love it, just need to find a way to get my own Razer!

To the friends here at the park, we thank you and look forward to next season.  In this crazy time in our history we wish everyone safe travels and very good health.  Keep an eye out for on the road posts.

Thank You

Colleen and Kevin