Point Lookout, Maryland

Our first major stop on our six month tour is Point Lookout in Scotland, Maryland. We came across an opportunity to volunteer our time as camp hosts here in the state park and we took it. The place is absolutely beautiful and also rich in history! (Good or bad, History is History)

Point Lookout used to be a prison camp for Confederate prisoners during the civil war and a hospital for the Northern soldiers hurt in battle. The hospital and prison camp was constructed in in 1862 and lasted till the last prisoner left in 1865, by then over 52,000 people were imprisoned here and 3384 of them died here.

Two monuments were erected at the entrance to the park, the first in 1876 by the Maryland State and the second in the early 1900’s by the US government.

A hundred years later in 1965 the State of Maryland began the development of the Point Lookout State Park comprised of 1046 acres and a visitor center/civil war museum. The museum has many exhibits which tell the Point Lookout civil war story and it’s history within the United States.

All that being said, the area also boasts some fantastic shore fishing and crabbing as the point is nestled right where the Potomac River meets Chesapeake Bay. I have already purchased a license and intend to give it a go.(will show the results in pictures soon I hope)

The lighthouse here also has it’s own unique history to it. Originally built in 1830 at 1 1/2 stories was renovated in 1883 to two full levels and the lighthouse part raised to 41 feet above sea level. In 1927 it was expanded even further. With so many keepers over time and several death there have been many strange happenings here and has even been the subject on the television show Paranormal Investigators.

So much to see and do here, the month of October is going to be a blast. Anyone in the area, I encourage you to see this historic area.

This is definitely one place Colleen and I would love to come back to, enjoy everyone,    …..Kevin