Cedar Key, Florida

We are now in Cedar Key Florida enjoying a couple of weeks before the trek back to Canada.  This area is very beautiful.

Situated on the gulf coast about 50 miles from Gainesville this area is made up of many small islands that extend over 4 miles out from the mainland.  There is only one way in and out and that’s through the hwy 24, you come into Cedar Key by crossing over the salt marshes over many beautiful bridges that give you a marvelous view.  The area boasts the claim that 95% of all farm raised clams in the US are harvested here.

The waters around Cedar Key are filled with Oyster Bars, mud flats and tones of wildlife.  The fishing is huge here with many varieties of shore fish and deep sea fish.  We have also seen dolphins passing by and playing in the waters just off the dock street peer.

Some Cedar Key facts,  Cedar Key has the oldest lighthouse still standing on the Florida gulf coast, built out of bricks in 1854.  For at least a thousand years Native Indians lived here thriving on local wildlife and the abundance of fish.

There is also much to see and do here.  From ocean and island tours to some of the best fishing around.  You can rent kayaks and even explore the islands yourself.  You can charter a fishing boat for as little as a hundred dollars for a day out.  There are many antique shops, art shops and even a winery.  As for dinning you can enjoys some of the best, fresh seafood around in the many restaurants located seaside.

There are also several motels and RV parks to stay at.  We are staying at Anglers RV Campground, just a few miles from the Key.  Very nice park, low key and friendly, check it out HERE.

Thanks for reading and if you are ever in this area I recommend you check it out.

Colleen and Kevin