The Big Texan

If you have traveled the 40 you all will have seen the signs for this place.

So we had to stay one night in Amarillo, Texas one night on the journey south.  Pretty nice spot but it also boasted something else.  A restaurant called ‘The Big Texan Steak Ranch’ where if you could eat a 72 oz steak you got it for free!  They boast this as a landmark legend since 1960.  Now, not many have accomplished this feet but the oldest person to do so was a 69 year old grandmother and the youngest was an 11 year old boy.  Wow, hope he made it to 12 with all that grease and fat!!!

Click on the Big Texan logo to see what they have to offer!


Anyhow, I had to go to the boys room on the way out and this video shows the hallway to get to it.  I guess they really wanted you to crap when you went in!!