Road Trip : Las Vegas Nascar Weekend!

So after we got settled into our new park in Ehrenberg we left our trailer and drove the 95 almost three hours all the way to Las Vegas for our second time this year.  This time was for the Pennzoil 400 Nascar race and we were pumped!

We land a hotel for less than 90 a night (I know right, on this weekend!) and it turns out to be on Las Vegas Blvd, 1.9 miles from the entrance to the race track.  Wow.  Sunday comes, we call for a Lyft car (Same as Uber) and we are there in less than 5 minutes.  For us, excitement builds right away as we see all the car haulers and all the merchant haulers opened up for business.

I had to get a Dale Jr jacket, which I did but we walked around for a couple of hours seeing and having fun.  At this point Colleen was still unsure who her new driver was to be as her favorite retired last year (Earnhardt Jr).  Me, I have turned to the number 18 OF Rowdy(Kyle) Bush.  Colleen was leaning towards Harvick in the number 4 but was not fully sure yet so she didn’t buy anything.

We finally buy a couple of Bud Lights (so expensive at the track)  and start up to find our seats.  Turns out they were only three rows from the track and right in front of pit lane (Just past the finish line).  Guess who’s pit we were directly in front of, that’s right, Kevin Harvick!  That sealed it for Colleen, he was her new driver.  Pre-race ceremonies went on, we stood for the anthem, saw Rascal Flatts, witness the superb fly over from Nellis then the race began.  We didn’t get ear plugs because of Colleen’s love for the sound but after lap 3 I was literally falling down with my vertigo as the noise was so loud that my ears not only ached but hurt.   I went and got plugs and all was good after that.


The whole weekend was fabulous, we were entertained on Freemont street the night before (So many Nascar fans there)  We stood and watched a great rock band, had a few beers and guess what, we didn’t gamble.  The weekend was all about racing fun.

Vegas can be a very fun town and we had a blast.  Any race fans out there, you gotta see this race live!

Well, that’s it for now, till next post…Kevin