MCAS Yuma, 2019 Air Show

What a great day we had at the MCAS Air Show on Saturday.  We were able to talk to several Marine’s, the men and women of the Border Patrol and even some of the pilots.  The static display was full of amazing aircraft, both new and vintage.  I was amazed that this Marine Core Air Station would open up to the public like it did but I am so glad.

The skies were clear and the weather was just nice capping out around 72 though I stayed in the sun too long and am paying for it.  Colleen was smart and wore a cap with a hoodie that she used to block the sun, she came out unscathed.

When the air portion started it was loud and it was awesome.  I have always wanted to see both the Harrier and the A-10’s up close and see them in action.  The show had everything from the newest fighters to the awesome P51D Mustang.. what a plane.  They had a world war ll portion using vintage planes of both the US and Japan doing a mock fight like the one over Pearl Harbor.  Fantastic!

Check the video out below that I create to commemorate this great show.  Colleen and I had a great time and will do it again in a heartbeat!

 We would like to thank the Marine Corp Air Station and all it’s members for making us feel at home, explaining what you do and giving us a top notch show.