Manatee Springs State Park

We took a day trip to the springs, only half hour from our park.  It was a really neat place, the spring feeds the Lower Suwannee River about a hundred million gallons of clear, fresh spring water a day.  A perfect area for snorkeling and we did see many doing that.  Because it is situated a few miles from the gulf of Mexico the manatee’s swim up and frolic in the beautiful water during the day.

We did see three of them but they hardly come above the water to see them.  There was much other wild life to see though.  We saw a multitude of snakes that put Colleen on edge, funny to see as she tells everyone ‘I hate snakes’

The forest and swamp areas were absolutely breath taking to see and the water, wow, so clear even though the gulf is so dark.  The park put in a system of boardwalks so that you could safely walk the rivers edge all the way to the Suwannee plus there is another 8 miles of nature trails to walk along.  From their literature “People have enjoyed the cool waters of manatee springs for more than 10,000 years, from early Paleo Indians to modern park visitors. This magnitude spring – one of Florida’s first – releases an astounding 100 million gallons of water daily. This makes it a popular cooling off spot and a great place to stroll on the park boardwalk and gaze into the depths.” and they are right, it was some of the nicest sites in a forest we have seen.

For an entry fee of only six dollars per vehicle you can’t beat a day out into the wilderness.  Check the park out HERE and if you are ever in the area I would suggest a stop by here.  If you look at one of the pictures you will see what looks like three brown rock but they were actually the manatee’s!

Have fun folks.