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On our journey down to Yuma, Arizona we made several stops.  One unforgettable one (especially for Colleen) was the stop to see Elvis in Graceland.  We anchored at the fabulous Graceland RV Park where we stayed for two nights.  The park is located right across the road from the famous mansion.

We took one full day, well roughly four hours to tour the majestic home.  It really took you back in time to when he was alive and how he lived.  He purchased the property March 25, 1957.  His parents and grandmother moved in while Elvis continued to film “Jailhouse Rock.”  Elvis himself didn’t move in until June 26, 1957.

The home was 10,266 square feet but by the time he had additions built it was 17,552 square feet, though it doesn’t seem like it is that big when you go through it.  They have done a superb job of keeping exactly like it was when he passed, the decor is still the way he lived in it during the seventies.  Very impressive.  You definitely feel his presence when you walk through the mansion.

I would give you a little bio on Elvis but there is no need, everyone knows the story. Elvis’ daughter Lisa Marie Presley still owns the property and whenever she goes there all tours are stopped and the premises emptied.  It is still a working home and she does stay once in a while.

I have created a slideshow of my best pictures that I took while there, please have a look.  Just look in the menu for Photo Albums and pick ‘Graceland, Home To Elvis’.  I would recommend to everyone who is in the area to go see this, it was amazing.


2 thoughts on “Graceland Trip

  1. Wow nelly, Priscilla does NOT nor has she EVER own Graceland, Lisa Marie has owned it solely since the death of Elvis…Do some fact checking before you post on what is suppose to be a review site…will not recommend your site, as we have not found it to be helpful

    Di Speers

    1. Thank you for noticing my mistake, though rudely, I was looking at two brochures when I did this and wrote the wrong name. I have corrected it and next outing I will try and hold my excitement to a minimum at what I see so as I do not make another mistake.

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