This is a story of a husband and wife in their early 50’s who have decided to join a growing revolution.  Sell everything, buy an RV  and visit your country.  Our plan is simple once we are on the road. We intend to work camp throughout Canada during the summer and find a nice area in the United States to visit and volunteer throughout Canada’s winter season.  We invite all to follow  our journey.  We intend to review every location we end up in, blog our way through North America.  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your comments on our blogs and channel.

Seen us in our travels?

We would love to know where and when.  Stop in here and let us know.


RV Links, Information And Useful Websites

RV Links is a helpful page with links to many RVing Facebook groups, RV Blogs and other RV websites.   SEE  MORE

Our Intended Route Map

UPDATED : Have a look at where we have been, where we are to where we are heading via our Google Map.


Our YouTube Channel

Check out our latest video on youtube.  From recent road trips to our newest funny stuff, 'On The Road' made with dash cam footage.

Come back often to see what we are up to and where we are.  Join us by registering to follow us and you will always be up to date.  Don't be afraid to comment on our posts and interact with us with questions, we love to hear how we are doing (Good or Bad).  We have designed this site to be the most informative on our situation and if you find a bug on the site please let us know by using the contact us page.  Thanks for stopping by and happy camping to all!

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